The Maharishi Kashyap Day celebrated on 28.5.2017 at Kashyap Bhawan, Sector 37-C, Chandigarh

The Maharishi Kashyap Day was celebrated  at Kashyap Bhawan, Sector 37-C, Chandigarh on 28.5.2017. The leading personalities and the people belonging to Kashyap Rajput Cummunity   participated in the function from various states including Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. M.P.s and Ex-MLAs from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh also participated in the function. Mrs. Maan Kaur, an 101 year old athlete who won various medals at internatinal level recently was the star attraction of the function. During this function, Sewing Machines and Bi-cycles were distributed to the needy and deserving ladies and girls. Copies were also given  to the children. On this occasion, the newly installed idol of Maharishi Kashyap at Kashyap Bhawan, Sector 37-C, Chandigarh, was also unveiled by local councillor Shri Arun Sood and leading personalities of Kashyap Samaj from the region.”

The Maharishi Kashyap Day will be celebrated at Chandigarh Kashyap Bhawan on 28.5.2017

The Maharishi Kashyap Day will be celebrated  at Chandigarh Kashyap Bhawan on 28.5.2017.  A Haven was conducted today, on 27.5.2017, in the Kashyap Bhawan, Sector-37-C Chandigarh by the Chandigarh Kashyap Rajput Sabha



 It has been decided to  convene a meeting of the Managing Committee  and Executive Committee  of The Chandigarh Kashyap Rajput Sabha on Sunday, the 14th May, 2017 at 10.30 a.m.  at the Maharishi Kashyap Bhawan , Sector 37-C, Chandigarh. The agenda items will be discussed  with the permission of the Chair.
            All the Managing Committee and Executive Committee members are requested to attend the meeting at the time and venue mentioned above.
                                                        SHYAM LAL KASHYAP
                                                        GENERAL SECRETARY