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The Chandigarh Kashyap Rajput Sabha was registered under Societies Act, 1974 vide  Registration No. 200, dated 30.9.1974 with the Chandigarh Administration.  Shri Hans Raj Taak  was the Ist President of the Sabha and with the  efforts  of Shri Taak and his team,  Plot for Kashyap Dharamshala (Kashyap Bhawan) was allotted to the Sabha by the Chandigarh Administrration on 28.6.1982. The foundation stone of the Kashyap Bhawan was laid  on 14.1.1991 by  the then President Shri  Baldev Singh Ji. With the efforts of various leaders of Kashyap Rajput Sabha, including Shri Baljit Singh Kakharoo, who was elected President of the Sabha in April, 2000 and financial contributions from the people of Kashyap Rajput Society,   the building of Kashyap Rajput Sabha was constructed.  However, the building was renovated   during 2016-17 under the Chairmanship of Shri N.R. Mehra.

Now the building of Kashyap Rajput Sabha is air-conditioned and has been furnished with  floor tiles, wall tiles and roof tiles and is said to be the best building amongst Kashyap Rajput  Dharamshalas/Bhawans in India.

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